Saturday, February 13, 2010

Week 2 - Yes Im back, you can celebrate & Go Canada!!

Guess who's back, back again, Jack is back, tell your friends!
Welcome back to IPA folks and welcome to Jack's first set of Interleague predictions in a long loong while. I won't be guaranteeing weekly predictions, but you might see some of me once every good while. First off, let me welcome the new additions to IPA season 4 that are DeadStrokes, Money In The Tank(Cubby will get this one), Pool Fictiom(Some will get this one as well), and Simply Pool Souls! Week 1 is done, it ran rather smoothly besides a few controversies between EPC and UO and I don't know what else. I wasn't really planning doing predictions this week so I didn't really stay and watch any other matches besides my own, so don't expect recaps from week 1 in edition of my IPA predictions.

Now..the matches!

Ultimate Outlaws [1-0] Vs. Operation Freeeeedom [1-0]

Both of these teams won their matches last week. Freedom's win was well deserved and earned, UO's win was unfortunatly not. Ultimate Outlaws faced Extreme Pool Competitors last week, need I say a team that went undefeated last season till week 9, and that was #1 rank in Red division for 7 weeks out of 10. I'm not saying that what I just stated should be repeated again this season. What im trying to make them understand is that UO cannot beat EPC in a fair n square 6v6 competition. Last week EPC had 2 no shows and I admit that was my fault. With the four players that I had, we yet managed to tie the match 3-3. What happens then? EPC gets robbed. UO start whining that I hadn't changed my league id till after my game was played which was untrue and a brutal mistake by cases ladder which has been slacking as of late. I said it once, twice, three times, I'll say it on, and on, and on, and on, the score was 3-3 and not 2-4 but UO can have it their way, since they need that win so badly. Anyways, Freedom played a great match last week and outmatched a new Simply Pool Souls side. Petey has always been one of my favorites in interleagues. I know that he has a lot of heart and courage and puts his time to revolutionize this game. James and Ben are apparently adding up to the Freedom/IPA roster and they should be looking for Raw competition and great challenges in the future. This match is very easy to predict, everyone in Freedom can beat any UO player, only win coming off UO might be from Dave who is getting his game back as he keeps telling me, but I guarantee you UO will be sent home crying.

Prediction => Operation Freeeeedom wins 5-1

Simply Pool Souls [0-1] Vs. Brit Pool [1-0]

Welcome to IPA pool souls! I play in SPS from time to time so I know their players quite well and I know how they play, whether their good or not. To tell the truth, SPS players are not that bad at all. They have TJ, Monte, Kat, john, and of course their co/capt for the season, Jason who are decent shooters. I have also seen SPS play interleague matches, like the one I reffed in PRO a few days ago where John carried vs two good Pool Fictio(m) players. Also, they participated in WPC last season where they played some great matches. As they are only new with IPA interleague, they might start off with a few losses, but they will surely catch up sooner or later.
It was pretty rough for them facing the toughest league in IPA for a week 1 match. However, they face a weaker BP side this week where they have a chance to make a new name for themselves and climb up the standings in IPA. Brit Pool has a few decent players as well, in the likes of the Former & Current ipa head admins Drew & Tim, Jeremy , and three others that I dont know of. The three I just named are okay players, but they might not have a great chance at competing against an SPS team.

Prediction => Roughly a 3-3 tie

Extreme Pool Competitors [0-1] Vs. Straight Shots [0-1]

This is basically a rematch from GIT semi-finals where these two teams collided. Straight Shots had the home advantage then, but now, Extreme Pool Competititors are home, and if they manage to show up with a full team, this promises to be a brutal, intense match. EPC's weekness is being inactive, getting last minute players and tournaments to get the players eligible. Another disadvantage this season is losing Nish to SS, since the SS interlg policy wont allow any SS interlg player to play for another league in an interlg in which they participate in. Then EPC lost James & Ben to Freedom, then there are superb.shot(Kyrk) and Dan(pokerdan) who won't be playing IPA this season. So there you go, EPC lost four of their top players and under these unfortunate circumstances failed to bring 6 players to the table last weak and later were robbed by UO, and of course the head admin who took their side. EPC is working hard on getting new players and should be back to normal very soon. I do not know how, but SS fell short last week against a weaker BP side. SS's IPA starting line was close enough to their GIT playoffs line and should be today as well. I expect a great match here and may my eyes not deceive me.

Prediction => Straight Shots win 4-2

True Champs [0-1] Vs. Magic Pool [1-0]

If I were to predict this match a week ago, I'd most probably fail. Why do I say that? Basicaly because I never knew TC too well until I joined up their league and played a week of MLP interlg with them. It was a 7v7 competition, where I was the only win for TC. This might have been bad for TC, but I can tell you that, half the games played were very close. However, TC had no 5th or 6th player and their opponents were the indestructible Latino legends. I do know that with a bit more of will, courage & determination, True Champs have the potentiel to do better and win big matches. I hope that by reading this prediction, they get inspired and try & win this match tonight. There opponents will be the Ruthless Magic Pool league. Taking a close look at who MP have on their roster, I immediately place them into playoffs contention and #1 or #2 rank in the regular season. Just look at who they have:Jordy(a very good runner), DD(one of the best bangers), Chris and Joe(good snooker players and runners too), and etc, etc. This Magic Pool team, if it sticks together all season should go undefeated or lose 1 or 2 close battles. This match is in the favor of Magic Pool, but only to encourage True Champs, I'll give them the benefit of the doubt and predict a Tie.

Prediction => Tie 3-3!

Money In The (T)ank [0-1] Vs. The Cue Controls [0-1]

This very active(league activity-wise) league is now apart of IPA. Many woulda thought MIB would probably whoop Mp's backsides last weeks but they were wrong. Yes, MIB is active and yes, MIB has good players, but what they dont know is, most of their players are only on to play during weekdays. By saying most, Im addressing to the good players. Then I could say, MIB won't do as well as they do in PRO here since IPA is not carry style and there are only about 3-4 MIB players that are very good shooters. Rest, some are average, some decent ones, some are less decent. They had Mike (Bigas...) in their last week's starting lineup which lost vs a good Mp player, but if that guy shows up every week, he might be a free win for his team week in week out, just like Pommy was one for True Champs a season or two ago. In the TCC side, looking at their week 1 lineup, I don't see any familar faces, I don't seem to know hoe they play, although I know some have bad behavior issues but thats something else. I dont see TCC going anywhere this season, I dont invisioon them doing much, nor making the playoffs for that matter, so this will be an easy win for MIB today.

Prediction => Money in The (Tank) wins 5-1!

Pool Fictiom[1-0] Vs. Dead Strokes [1-0]

Before passing on to anything else, allow me to call this the match of the week. Some might find it funny, others might not. Let me explain why. Last week, both of these two teams won their matches. Both leagues faced rather easy opponents. DS defeated TCC 5-1 & PFN defeated TC 4-2. The Pool Fiction starting line-up was intense, with likes of Mina, Lewis, George, Pita, Andy, and Jeremy. Then when I go and observe the DS line-up, I don't see anyone that I know of, I've only seen 1 or 2 of them in yahoo pool rooms maybe once or twice. Then ya'll still wonder why I entitle this match the match of the week when I dont even know anyone from the DS roster. Here's why. Normally, a league that hasnt played interleagues in a long while or is new to a specific interleague, in good words "doesn't do too well" at the beginning of the season or maybe for a whole season or two. But when a league comes into IPA and shuts off a TCC side 5-1, you get to wonder, what are these people trying to prove? Dead Strokes have stepped into IPA to make their name heard and to leave a mark, and they will do just that today in a very shocking win against Pool Fiction. While i'm at it, I'll also entitle this match the "Shocker of the Week"!

Prediction => Dead Strokes win 4-2!

Well there they are, biased or not, they are up, enjoy or dont enjoy, thats up to you, ciao!=)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Week 9

??? :Hello Mr.Cheesy & Welcome to IPA on the spot #2 - here with you is [???], with a few questions regarding IPA season 3.

jason smith: Thanks for having me

???: Jason, only 2 weeks remaining in the season, the playoffs are coming to us quick in IPA 3. May I ask, what we're your primary objectives going into BP and wanting captain position at the start of the season? Did you have any specific goals you wanted to achieve?

jason smith: I took the Brit Pool Captaincy because I saw a bit of a challenge. What I did with Magic Pool, I wanted to show it wasnt a flash in the pan, as for 2 weeks remaining, luckily for me it is 3 weeks, so i can get everyone I need eligable. I wanted to get to the playoffs and after the start we made I was very pleased and thought that top spot was acheivable but in general I am very happy with our performance

???: Jason, which IPA player do you think is the MVP thus far? And who do you predict will receive the trophy?

jason smith: Now thats a interesting question, because if you go on the importance of the matches then Andy from XP who has lost once, would beat Adam Buddy from Freedom. If its on basic record then AB gets it but I am a firm beleiver in importance so if he doesn't lose another match I would give it to Andy.

???: I like the way you think, lol..what league or leagues have impressed you the most this season, whether in the Red or Blue?

jason smith: Magic Pool easily , they have came on leaps and bounds and have every chance of winning the whole thing, I have liked what Freedom have done too this season, They will be in the finals I beelive

???: Finally, who are your three predictions for the play-off qualifiers?[in both groups].

jason smith: WEll thats simple, only 6 teams have performed all season FR, EPC and BNR in the red group and XP, BP and MP in the blue. I honestly think MP will win it

???: I hate to cut this short, but I gotta start match predictions.. Jason, thank you very much for taking part in my second edition of IPA Interviews, very good luck for the two reamining weeks.

jason smith: ty for interviewing me

???: Oh, before I forget, I went to an italian restaurant sunday night and ordered Spagetti, they added cheese on it, don't bother asking what kind it was, I just hated it lol

jason smith: parmesan

???: Possibly lol

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Week 8 Anti-spice & black pepper cheese week =(

Welcome to my Tuesday Morning Edition of Jacked Up Predictions. It is 9:55am here in Canada [on a very dull weather], here with you is ???[Who am I?] ready to write his very Un-biased week 8 blog.

Before I start heating shiz out, I did a very short interview with MP player Joe[RiffRaff20], since we're getting closer to the end of the season and closer to the beginning of the playoffs[just to get someone's opinion about season three] & here it is:

???: Hello Joe & Welcome to IPA on the spot #1 - here with you is [???]. I just wanna ask you a few questions regarding IPA season 3.

Jody Flint: Hello [???]

???: May I ask, What we're your primary objectives with your team cashing in at week 3 of this new season? Did you have any specific goals?

Jody Flint: Our goal is to win IPA, plain and simple. MP have finished second two seasons running. Having joined this season with a record of 0 wins 1 loss 1 draw, it was always going to be tough, but we have dragged ourselves up the league and IF we win our three remaining games, we'll win the Blue Group.

???: Very true, it takes time and perseverance, every league will have their turn of stealing the show, as long as they have patience and they don't give up after 1 unsuccesful season, don't you agree with me?

Jody Flint: There are lots of very good players out there, and lots of players changing teams each season. If one top player moves to an unfavourable team, they tend to take 2 or 3 mates with them. Suddenly an unfavourable team has a chance of winning an interleague. I think this is more of a factor for teams improving. MIB for example, I'm not convinced they had a team that was ever going to trouble the XP's and FR's for the IPA3 title, but now they have IPA2 MVP Dawn on their books, and I suspect their squad for IPA4 will be improved further.

???: Agreed.. Joe, which IPA player do you think is the MVP thus far?

Jody Flint: After a quick glance at the player stats, obviously FR's Adam with 7 wins from 7 games is a leading candidate. A couple of players sit on 6-1.

???: True that, Adam's been very impressive this season, what league or leagues have impressed you the most this season, whether in the Red or Blue?

Jody Flint: Any league that has brought a full team EVERY week to IPA3. I have also been extremely proud of MP, we have Won 4 Drawn 1 Lost 0 (when you remove 8BC's record). Using a simple Points/Games ratio we are arguably the most succesful team. I believe FR have assembled the best squad and are a leading candidate to win IPA3. EPC has achieved more than I expected too.

???: Finally, who are your three predictions for the play-off qualifiers?[in both groups].

Jody Flint: In the Red Group, EPC and FR are already guaranteed to finish in the Top 3. I would expect FR to win the group, as EPC still need to play BNR again. BNR should comfortably secure 3rd place. In the Blue Group, while LS & TC are both solid teams, I cannot see them catching the current Top 3. I don't believe BP will win the group, MP need to find three more wins to clinch the group, but we should see XP holding on to top spot.

???: Joe, thank you very much for taking part in my first edition of IPA Interviews, very good luck for the remainder of the season.

Jody Flint: Thank you [???], and all the best to you as well.

Week 8 Matches

Hope ya'll enjoyed reading those, now let's move on to Week 8 Predictions:

Extreme Cues Vs. Break And Run

Extreme Cues tied their match last week, I saw the effort they put to that match, and I congratulate them for it. Their top player Paul sat last week, I don't know if he was or wasn't present at the match, but normally, if he's present he would play, seeing EC had 3 missing players. By chance, Will showed up last week and secured them the last win they needed against a rusty UO side. Another winner was Sarge[whoever he is], and Sandy[from XP]. As for their playoff chances, they can say adios, since only possible way they could be third is by winning all matches 6-0 and if BNR loses all 0-6 which won't ever happen, but ya'll still have a great shot at the IPA Plate. Break And Run didn't have the result they were expecting as they lost to Freedom 2-4 with Luis being their only winner and having 1 free win. Even Ross couldn't cash in a win, I guess they are no match for Freedom. This week, they face an easier side. They will try and not waste too much of their rage to outburst it on EPC next week.

Prediction => Break And Run wins 4-2

Freedom Vs. The Cue Controls

Well don't I make it obvious in every 1 of my blogs that Freedom is my favorite, and that im rooting for them to win the big thing, as long as they can go face to face against EPC and defeat them? Peter is working so damn hard in IPA 3 and it's showing off. Just look at them: they tied with both BNR and EPC and last week they beat BNR without even losing a sweat.It's not too surprising neither knowing that the possible IPA 3 MVP[Adambuddy] is in their team. They also have Corey and Naty that are collecting easy wins weak after weak. I'm still not giving up on Peter[as we can see he's on a -5 losing streak], I know he will comeback and get a winning streak going soon.Afterall, he was the WS MVP for BNR in MLP season 13. The Cue controls [league that likes stealing other league rooms] joined IPA in week 7 and got their backsides handed to them by EPC. Led by a dude named Asad and a crybaby named Jenn or so called JJ, TCC will try and win these matches to climb a spot higher in the group to be 4th in Red Group and 1st in lower 3 teams. Freedom will take this easyyyyyyy!

Prediction => Freedom wins 5-1

Ultimate Outlaws Vs. Extreme Pool Competitors

Huge upset as UO came with a full team and EC having only 3, still won the match, sending UO back home dissapointed. It basically has to do with who's on his game or who's day it is. Even pro players lose sometimes, no one is perfect, so I can't blame UO. We've all been through those bad days, we've all been upset, but we move on, and look towards what we can do in the future. Crying about something is not good, you have to step up and show to everyone your not just a crybaby and you can win matches. EPC Vs. TCC last week went in Jack's favor as he and EPC won 4-2. It's obvious Jack and Jenn are not the best of friends, but it's good that they played the whole match without bringing in their personal opinions regarding each other. As for the 2 losses EPC had, it was the lack of luck. We yet have to find out if the admins will or will not unbox Jack, as he was boxed and could not play the last 2 weeks. EPC want much more and need more than UO since they are trying to keep their 1st rank and not let anyone steal it, in order to be the division champions.

Prediction => Extreme Pool Competitors win 5-1

Lucky Shots Vs. Brit Pool

Lucky Shots' been having DQ's and missing players for 3 weeks in a row. Not something good for a team wanting to make it to the playoffs. They still have a shot for 3rd position, that's by winning the 3 remaining weeks, and that's by taking over MP's or BP's spot. That's going to be a tough task as they just don't have what it takes. I was expecting more from them when I did pre-season predictions, but I guess I was wrong. Last week they played well though, even though they were 2 players' short, they still won all 4 games, and went home with another victory behind them. That's what I want to see from Lucky Shots. I used to like them a lot back when they had Jose and such back when they used to make it to the playoffs easily, now it seems like they don't care as much, that they only play for fun like some other leagues. In BP, Trey & Jason have been having great weeks in a row as they both are +2. As for the team, they havn't been performing well lately. They lost 1-5 to XP couple of weeks ago which was a huge upset too. They will do their best here to win this, as will LS, therefore the match should end a tie.

Prediction => Tie 3-3

Magic Pool Vs. True Champs

Many are currently putting their money on Magic Pool to win the big thing, the finals and the cup. They have been so impressive ever since cashing in after week 3. With 1 tie, 4 wins, and no losses, MP are on a roll here, in other words, they are on fire! Chris has done a great job building a nice team and bringing in the right 6 week in, week out. In my interview with Joe, he tells me MP's main objective is to win the cup and steal the show, they have been doing great so far honestly. As for True Champs, I have been impressed as well, as they we're able to tie with 2 top leagues: XP & BP. Mike, Dixie, and Kassi are no doubt doing a great job with their wins. TC started season 3 by losing their first 3 matches, but tied 3 others and won 1, which is a good sign. However, I don't see them making it to the playoffs, but they have a good shot at the IPA plate.

Prediction => Magic Pool wins 4-2

Money In The Bank Vs. Xtreme Poolerz

MIB just can't win, they try but they don't get anywhere. But now, they have IPA 2 MVP Dawn by their side who should help them and if they keep getting good players, they will probably be better next season. They will be in IPA plate no doubt, but I don't know if they'll last more than a round. XP we're predicted #1 of Blue Group at the start of the season, and now, they are sitting in that very spot. With Justin as their capt[an old TPL player], these folks are stealin the show and owning any league that gets in their way, somewhat like EPC & FR are doing in the Red Group. They have great players, Andy is 6-1 and is in the race to MVP. It is very interesting, we all want to know if Andy deserves it more than Adambuddy or not[more on that next week in Jason's interview]. Lewis also has a good 3+ winning streak, probably would be at adambuddy's level if he played every week. This match is very easy to predict, as no one in MIB is a match for any XP player.

Prediction => Xtreme Poolerz win 6-0

Friday, October 30, 2009

Week 7 spice cheese! & black pepper! (sry jason, Im outta ideas)

Welcome to my third edition of IPA predictions folks, I am trully sorry from da bottom of my hawt for missing out 4 weeks! Eeks, let me try n make up for those!

Last week, I was away and I couldn't watch any matches, not even mine, but since Im a responsable guy, I'll go and check the scores for the matches and who beat who =)!

Shit started off with Freedom having yet another impressive win [ im not shocked, when it comes to Peter being in charge of course], but wow, im proud of Freedom for being so succesfull thus far and keeping up with EPC! [Tellin ya, the guy won't ever quit]. Peter's the guy btw. Ok im sorry, this is what 2 hours of sleep in 24 hours does to me! Lets continue..So, Adambuddy shocks us with his 6th win in a row, undefeated in IPA! [Gratz bud], and Petey with his 4th loss in a row[S'ok pal]. UO MVP for the week goes to Dave! [plz tell me that was funny =)] Uo's only victor, rest came up short.

Le'z move on to the second match in da scheduale. Oh ya, epic failure to show up by Cuemasters, they left midway like last season. [See, my pre-season preds we're true, after all]. Break n run took a very deserving break after a heck of a match against EPC in week 5!

Then there was the EPC v EC match[lame!]...[Why?]...Only because Jack wasn't there and they missed 2 players :. Jack had to attend a college open house which apparently was cancelled[poor guy!]. Oh by the way happy 17th Jack! [(Im good with dates, Im also ur secret stalker), Shh, don't tell anyone] :-S.. So in conclusion, EPC showed with 4 and rather DESTROYED EC[your not to blame Paul, no wries bud, well honestly, you probably are a bit gulity for allowing immature infants like Duke and Ben play for you]. Basically, EPC won all their games, [probably would have won 6-0 if Jack and his 2 buddies weren't absent], and the final 2 games we're gifted[handed] to EC.

Another good match was MP against MIB [that are 0-5-1], which is not so good. MP performed well last week but I just didn't get the results I expected from them. A good team like MP should easily 6-0 MIB. With Steve, Chris, this stomped dude[idk wtf he is] and Ian, MP succeeded to win the match. They had 1 player missing too is what shocked me. Though MIB has yet to win a match, I can see the effort they are putting in interleagues to earn respect and prove they are good sportsmen.

Here come my lame ones:

EPC Vs. TCC => EPC 4-2

BNR Vs. FR => Tie 3-3

UO Vs. EC => UO 4-2

XP Vs. TC => XP 5-1

BP Vs. MP => MP 5-1

MIB Vs. LS => LS 4-2

Once again I failed, Im sorry..

Friday, October 9, 2009

Week 4!

What an incredible start we've all had![well except for a few lgs that have dropped]. After missing 2 weeks of predicting, I look to redeem myself and give everyone a nice read, ok? K.

Freedom Vs. Extreme Pool Competitors

What an interesting match, interesting enough to be awarded possible match of the week. Freedom[Peter Pan n Co.] are considered top team in IPA this season even though EPC is ahead of them in standings. They've done just great thus far, only 1 tie, no losses. EPC[Jack n Co.] sit at #1 rank for the first time ever for a record breaking 3 weeks in a row. Looking at these 2 rosters, we can predict Freedom to own EPC with ease and i'm sure that's what the other predictors will predict. But it's all down to who'll want it more, who'll be more prepared. Petey wants 1 thing and Jack, another thing. Petey wants the #1 rank and Jack wants to keep his winning streak and not lose it.

Prediction => Tie 3-3

Extreme Cues Vs. Cue Masters

Goodbye Pooloutlaws, hello Extreme cues! Welcome back to IPA folks. Already 3 weeks went by and EC comes in with a -3 losing streak which is BAD. But hopefully they can manage to overcome the unfortunate and get a good winning streak going. While they just came in and didn't play any match in Season 3 yet, I can't say much except Good Luck! We saw CM came more prepared last week than 2 weeks ago vs EPC, but it still wasn't enough. If they wanna start winning matches, they need a full team.

Prediction => Tie 3-3

Ultimate Outlaws Vs. Break And Run

Uo started IPA with a 2-4 loss vs FR, followed by a 6-0 timer win vs PO, followed by a 0-6 horrible loss vs Jack n Co. They are a good league, active, good sportsmanship, always have enough players but they just need a tiny bit of more effort and they can do great. Break n run tied week 1 & 2 finally to have a timer win vs Pool Outlaws last week. While yes I do still believe in BNR Dina, but I wanna see better performance, I wanna see ya'll in Playoff finals again. You did it last season, what's stopping ya from repeating it in this one?

Score => BNR 4-2

Magic Pool Vs. Xtreme Poolerz

Magic Pool[Chris, Jody, Ian n Co.] had a very nice start as they came in last week and defeated True Champs. MP took 8bc's place in IPA and they got their originals back together. Xtreme Poolerz is yet undefeated and trying to leave a mark in IPA and every other interleague they participate in.

Prediction => Tie 3-3

Lucky ShotsVs. True Champs

I havn't really been following these 2 leagues this season in IPA. I looked a bit at LS player stats link and saw they aren't doing so well, I notice a lack of hope, will and determination. Though its still quite early, they have 1 win atleast and if they start concentrating more on winning, they will do well. Same for TC, they are at a bad start, they have 0 win but 3 losses which is NOT good but if they try better, they can make a difference.

Prediction => Lucky Shots Win 4-2

Money In The Bank Vs. Brit Pool

MIB began with a tie vs 8BC and then went on a cold streak. You can't blame them though, they are doing just fine for a new league, atleast they have a full team even though they are new to interleague play, that will change in time. Brit pool been fascinating so far. While yes, they lost Jody, but still they are awesome. I been seeing many people leaving their home lgs and joining up in BP interlgs. Could it be because Jason is the new captain?

Prediction => Britpool Wins 6-0

Friday, September 18, 2009

Week 1 Extravaganza!

So it's only Week 1, so kinda impossible to do a recap since there werent any matches last week, lol, so let's get on with the match predictions. Please know that it's only week 1 so my predictions may not be right, but please respect them and prove me wrong IF I am WRONG.

Ultimate Outlaws Vs. Freedom

We all know the fire in Ultimate Outlaws. They give it their all everytime they got a match whatever interleague it is for, and though they are not the best team we could find, they have will & spirit and manage to bring a full team to the table. Just like they say in NBA [Where Amazing Happens], we could say that for IPA too. If you all can remember last season, Pool Dragonz that no longer play in interleagues now beat Straight Shots and earned respect. We never know, UO used to be half of PDZ so they might do what PDZ was able to do last season. On the other hand, Petey from Freedom is accumulating decent players, and he too is trying his best to get a full team each n every week to bring to the tables. This match should be pretty interesting, also knowing that UO is getting new players, 1 is Jordy.

Prediction => Freedom wins 4-2

Break n Run Vs. Cue Masters

In my estimations, this match is probably the match of the week.

Break n Run: Winners of both IPA regular season & playoff finals.
Cue Masters: Winners of UIC Emerald Division Regular Season.

Both leagues are in a way...quite impressive to say the least. There is a way better environement in IPA than UIC though like Mister Predictor said in his blog. Way better teams here than in UIC. We shall soon find out 2 things and 2 questions shall be answered. 1 is: Can BNR do it one more time? Can they get a good team together this season and win it all again? Its pretty hard to say as they have lost a few of their top players. Let's not forget to say, Tanmay quit interleagues for a while. The other question is, can CM play and earn fellow IPA teams respects like they did in UIC as they won reg. season? They had to drop out of IPA last season midway so this question cannot be answered until the season is over.

Prediction => Break n Run wins 4-2

Extreme Pool Competitors Vs. Pool Outlaws

Jack is very determined to perferm this season. EPC has been getting a bunch of new players from all around, and I heard he has about 10+ for this week. Ben can tell me as much as he wants that Pool Outlaws will own, I still gotta see it to believe it. Today is a test for them as EPC had done a Friendly 7v7 vs PO once and ahd won the match 6-1 with ease. Ben & Shane will do their best to proVe Jack wrong, so this match is big for Pool Outlaws.

Prediction => Extreme Pool Competitors win 4-2

Money in the Bank vs 8ball Crushers

I have no idea who they are, nor do I know Rich from TC. It appears it's a new league and rather active, but still not at a level of experience to compete against a more experience 8 ball crushers side. Oh and, I guess Trey is really 8bc Capt in IPA and not Bev as I wrote in Pre-Season Predictions. They have been more active since ICA merged into them and been getting new players. Trey is an ex UO player that wanted to run things his own way so he made ICA and later merged into 8BC to get head admin.

Prediction => 8 Ball Crushers win 4-2

Brit Pool vs True Champs

Just like he did in MP, Jason will look to work on a new team this time and carry them on top of the rest. Their players will be the same as the ones in KBP in UIC, with of course, a new new ones that Jason brought with him. BP is the team to watch this season. True champs were doing well in IPA 2 with impressive victories against good leagues. Their activity appears to be dropping in the league so I wonder if that'll have an impact on their interleague play.

Prediction => 3-3 TIE

Xtreme Poolerz Vs. Lucky Shots

We all know XP, we know how impressive they we're in MLP fives, Ive never seen a new league get in MLP that easily and own. It ain't for nothing that Cubby, Kerry n Co. decided to merged into XP. They saw the fire in Nick and the team and chose them out of all the other leagues. It sucks though that their MLP capt Jordy left them, but Cubby's just another good captainm, so no matter. Luucky shots will do well this season, no doubt in my mind, but might struggle today vs a rather stronger side, XP that is.

Prediction => Xtreme Poolerz win 4-2

Well there they are, Enjoy & VGL!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

IPA Pre-Season Predictions

Oi, aren't we all excited for the new season? Numerous improvements in many ways[new leagues, 2 divisions, new predictors!]. Just so you all know first hand, this Season's predictors will be Myself, the famous and adored Mr.Predictor, and I'll proudly say this, yes, Jlips too! I'm sure many out of you have read my UIC Predictions in the past. Some enjoyed them, some didn't. Some weeks I slacked and didn't write the best preds, some weeks I put my time in them and impressed many people, including myself! I'm sure you all know that Jason & I aren't the best of friends but I'll try my best to avoid replying to his posts as long as he doesn't pass the limit. I'll only say this once since it's my first blog, anything Jason says about EPC or me is wrong! If he talks trash about one of your leagues, don't get offended, let me or an IPA admin know and I'll make sure it don't happen again. That's the last thing I have to say about Jason, I wont keep going. Many are probably wondering why I left UIC as a predictor and came to IPA. Well I'm sure a lmany know the reason why... Its mainly because I believe IPA is ran much better and fairly. Dont agree with me? I could care less. So as I said earlier, I will keep my preds clean and predict every league or person fairly.

Before I get started with pre-season preds, I would like to Congratulate Break N Run on their outstanding performance in Season 2! Not only did they win the Playoffs and the big championship, but they were also Regular Season champions. Wtg folks, also Wtg Dina, glad to see you up there after all the effort you've put to your league year after year after year.
Also, congratulations To Adam, Tonz n Co. on winning the IPA Plate Playoffs!

So it appears Jason is really serious on being the best predictor this season. They might care but guess what Jason, I don't. All I want is to do good predictions every week caring less who will like them or who won't as long as I do my job and do it well.

Now, finally, let's move on to the pre-season Predictions!


#1 position - Freedom

My decision to predicting FR as the best lg in this group will shock some people im sure. But I'll warn every league in this division from now(do NOT underestimate FR)! I know that this league has a lot of potential, they have some good players like Dan, Alips ng too many losses during the season..I also can see this league battling to make it to the division playoffs. I heard they are getting new players from BNR this season including other decent shooters like Sukio or Kimbo. I know he will bring 5 players to the table each week, will know when to play each player, and will pull off easy wins.

#2 position - Break n Run

It was very tough choosing between BNR & FR on who will be first. Mainly since BNR unfortunatly lost a few players like Tanmay and others went to FR like Petey. That will make a slim difference of their weekly performance. But seeing they won both the regular season and IPA playoffs last season, I think they shall do just fine.

#3 position - Extreme Pool Competitors

Like we did last season in IPA, we will once again battle for a playoffs spot this season with me as team captain. Only last time, we entered sorta late, Week 7 I think, and our stats were f'ed to say the least. If ya'll havn't noticed yet, we do much better in IPA than in UIC and we get more people showing up here. We actually wont be fighting over 4th spot, rather higher than 4th...

#4 position - Pool Outlaws

This league is new quite. I must say they impress me. 200 members in 2-3 weeks time. What sucks is, Ben said drama-free league when he first made it but all we been seeing in there is Drama![With a capital D]. So Ben Withdrew I believe, appears to be back, Idk anymore, but apparently Drew is their captain. I know he's a decent shooter, but captain wise, I dont know honestly. Either they stay strong and do their best, if not I see them dropping in the middle of the season.

#5 position - Cue Masters

Why is CM this low? Good question. I normally would put them higher but this group is just too good. Though they are so good in UIC, IPA is somethin else. I'll talk over reputation. They dropped in midseason last season due to lack of interest or being able to show up, and we saw that they started doing better in UIC right after? Maybe 2's too much too handle, never know. Anyhow, they are back and look to redeem last season's big upset.

#6 position - Ultimate Outlaws

Rebs angel been telling me about getting new players this season and apparently better ones. I already saw they got Jordy who left XP. I think they will play the same as every season meaning average, not too good nor too bad but I don't see UO making playoffs, sorry. Prove me wrong


#1 position - Xtreme Poolerz

At first, I doubted this league and thought it would see the same faith as EPL nad the rest of Nick's leagues. I started respecting Nick & XP. Many good players. They Mina from EPC this season, Justin from old TPL as captain so expect them to kick ass in this group. PFN merged into Xp in a way few weeks ago, and I heard Neale from Devine Cuez is coming back to help them out!

#2 position - Brit Pool

Drew's crew in IPA! Good to know that they were able to get together their UIC team and make a good 1 for IPA. I spoke to Drew and he said theres going to be some other pick ups. Jason as captain there will make some changes for the league, for the better! : )

#3 position - Lucky Shots

I think LS will do good this season, or...I KNOW Ls will do good this season. They are Season 2 Plate winners. Interleagues are their passion as they always like participating in all of them. I see Adam is captain for them this season, I know him better than many others, he's a good guy and determined when he really wants something. He has Aaron and Tonz on his side too who are good folks and will have his back.

#4 position - True Champs!

They are an okay league , they are active, run trnys daily, etc. I've been hearing that they are kinda slow lately, Im not sure and im too lazy to go check. Putting all that behind, they aren't bad in interlg's. They had some impressive wins last season in IPA. They win vs some, lose vs others, bring their best game each week. They have good players like Pommy, Travis and some other TPL players. Also, Dawn was MVP last season!

#5 position - 8 Ball Crushers

Normally, I'd prolly predict them a higher rank, but not with the captain they have. Bev is kinda nice but also mean to some most of the time so I dont know how 8bc is relying on her. Sigh, nothin else to say. Oh and, it's a shame half of 8bc players are joining other teams...

6th position - Money In Da Bank

Idk anything about ya'll, new to interlgs? Show me wat ya'll got. Till then, bottom of the ladder folks, sorry. Prove me wrong!

Well there they are our lovely pre-season predictions..Yes, Lovely! Hope ya'll liked them.